Why wedding DJ’s shouldn’t take requests

You’re all set up, the party’s hopping and the dance floor is alive. Alcohol has usually been consumed, hence, in a lot of occasions, the “alive” dance floor and everyone is having the time of their lives. You are feeling amazing as the conductor of all these good times and memories being made…

Then it happens…

That hot drunk bride’s maid, who’s had her eye on you the whole time stumbles over and in a slur of what seems to be speech and wreaking of vodka tonic she asks you to play her favorite song. It’s not one you’re familiar with, but she’s having a great time and wants everyone else to as well and hey, let’s face it…she’s hot so you want to oblige.

You don’t own the song.  What do you do?  Wait! The venue has internet!  DJ Jazzy Jesus has smiled upon you with this revelation so you open Spotify, locate the song and queue it up.

What happens next is the stuff DJ nightmares are made of.  You know the dream, the one where you go up to the front of the class to give a super important speech only to find you are dressed in only your underwear, suspenders and tall tube socks…or was that just me?

Before you can even look up from your station, everyone who was just having the time of their life, listened for one second, think to themselves, “I’ve never heard this before”, and they leave the dance floor to go get another glass of liquid “who cares what song is on cuz I won’t remember it in the morning!”.  The only problem is, they don’t come back and that same hot bride’s maid who requested it is the only one out there in her own world “dancing” to her chosen song of dance floor death.

The bummer of this whole situation is that no one saw her ask you to play the song so who get’s blamed for the bad song choice…that’s right….YOU!  The DJ!  Now, if you haven’t had this happen to you then you are either not DJ’ing enough weddings or there are no hot bride’s maids because you only DJ ugly people weddings.

Regardless, there is no worse feeling than playing a dance floor killer.  Heed my advice fellow DJ’s old and new, like my best friend Ryan has always told me, “When in doubt…DON’T!” You are responsible for the dance floor and the good times so if you don’t know the song, it’s probably best if you don’t play it.  Now if the bride or groom ask…you just have to play it.  If and when the dance floor clears out…keep cool and follow my lead here….Just point at the bride and say, “She did it!”

In all seriousness, to rules of thumb for any good wedding DJ is to first take note of the ages of all attendees and get your song tests out of the way early to discover what gets the best reactions which means you should have top songs from every generation on your “Dance Floor Test Playlist.” This is a playlist I have of a good chunk of top wedding songs from every generation that gives me a good feel for what people want to dance to.  From there it is imperative you keep checking the pulse of the dance floor and attendees and adjust accordingly.  Stick to these basic rules and you’ll kill it as a wedding DJ.  As far as requests go…avoid them at all cost!


Jeremy Wilson