WWDJ Events is now Aeon Weddings!

Welcome to the brand re-launch of WWDJ events.  Although the former name was a clever and fun spin on the adage W.W.J.D. it was not clear from a branding standpoint.  I also felt it was time to narrow down my focus to just weddings since that is where all of my DJ experience lies and really where I want to work.

Aeon Weddings is what I am replacing WWDJ Events with and my hope in re-branding is to move from a word of mouth DJ, to the premier value packed wedding DJ in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas.

It’s my firmly held belief that our role as your wedding DJ/Emcee is to remove as much pressure from you on your special day as possible and the pocket book pressure is no exception.  I pride myself on offering the most wedding DJ/emcee experience at the lowest price in the valley.

Please check out my testimonials and book your free consultation to find out if Aeon Weddings is the right fit for your wedding day!

Jeremy Wilson, Owner